Big Deal: On Being Famous to Almost No One (ebook)

Big Deal: On Being Famous to Almost No One For six years, I was flown all over the world, put up in great hotels, fed great dinners, introduced to amazing people, offered a microphone, and paid for taking it. And this was great, I won’t lie. But this microcosmic form of fame came with baggage just like that other, much bigger kind, and I learned just how bad things can get when you claim a spot at the cool kids’ table for all the wrong reasons.

This book is not about how to develop your professional career, nor about the low art of self-promotion. It’s the story of my experience with nano-celebrity, and a reflection on what I learned in the process. It’s a story of professional success, personal failure, and the soul-searching that came on the other side. While teaching a man to fish is certainly more valuable than giving him one, the real value is in the story of how you learned not to jab yourself with the hook.

This is the story of my jabbing myself with the hook.

I wrote it in 30 days, between April 1 and April 30, 2011.

What people are saying

"Candid, real and touching." ~~Alla Zollers, via email

"If you are working in the web industry, you should take a break and read this book." ~~Betrand Dufresne

"Wonder what it's like to be Internet famous? #BIGDEALBOOK (for Kindle) by @rhjr is a great read." ~~Josh Crain

"Worth reading. Seriously." ~~Ian Fenn

"I have gained a lot from it, and I'm sure I'm not alone." ~~Kyle Soucy, via email

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