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Innovation Practice

Countless companies misunderstand a critical fact about product design methodologies based on Lean and Agile principles:

"Sprints" are not meant to be done occasionally for R&D purposes alongside a mostly-waterfall process. They are meant to become a practice.

An innovation practice couples the MVP Studio and Innovation Studio with the Value Delivery Workbook to create a looping design and delivery system that enables sustainable success through continuous improvement and innovation.

Example practice

The Innovation Practice is like water: It adapts to its container. While most companies think theirs is too idiosyncratic to adopt new methodologies, every company can adopt the principles and methods of design thinking in a rapid-fire approach that generates sustainable success. The image below represents just one of countless possible ways to make innovation a core competency of your organization.

Innovation Practice

Example studio process

Likewise, the Innovation Studio is 100% adaptable to your teams and constraints. The image below is just one way it can be implemented.

Innovation Studio

Value Delivery Workbook

The Value Delivery Workbook is a living document meant to be used in perpetuity by delivery teams to stay aligned on objectives, roadmaps, value streams (customer journeys, internal processes, etc), experiments, and resulting capabilities in an easy-to-update format. This enables several benefits:

  • total team alignment in support of smart decisions
  • visibility into the team's work and status without stakeholder interruption
  • ability for team members to easily move beteween teams
  • rapid team member onboarding
  • easy-to-update view into current value streams
Value Delivery Workbook


An innovation practice includes:

  • MVP studios.
  • looping Innovation Studios.
  • Value Delivery Workbook development and training for team facilitation and modeling.
  • team member training for expansion to other teams.
  • full-time engagement over several months to establish, teach, stabilize, and model these methods for scaling to other parts of your organization.


For Innovation Practice leadership, you can hire me by the quarter (three months). This allows enough time to set up and facilitate several MVP Studios and Innovation Studios, model a single team's implementation for scaling to others, and train team members to lead other teams.


  • $60,000 per quarter + travel as needed.

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