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Innovation Studio

An innovation studio rapidly traverses the entire product design process in a short cycle.

Innovation Studio sample process

In a one- to two-week studio, we advance a solution from insight to execution, with validation steps and ad hoc research along the way. This not only produces a vetted solution in a very short time, it offers a rapid-fire method teams can apply over and over to generate meaningful solutions quickly, time and time again.


The innovation studio method:

  • brings product managers, UX, engineers, subject matter expertise, and users together into a tightly collaborative process.
  • injects design thinking tools into the team's process.
  • gathers and puts all relevant input to work early and often.
  • eliminates risk from the design process.

Part 1: Discovery & rapid experiment planning

The studio starts by reviewing the research insights that led to the studio's focus. This is generally informed by UX Research and Product Management. Then we move rapidly into the definition of a rapid experiment or design test that will enable us to brek assumptions, learn more, and advance toward a viable and meaningful solution.


Part 2: Design & validation

We continue with gap research to deepen our knowledge, simultaneously starting lo-fidelity design concepts or other minimum viable tests for validating the hypothesis.

Design iteration

The design advances from lo-fidelity to hi-fidelity, with vaidation between. This is the opposite of most design processes, and ensures that insights and ideas are vetted before spending time and money on them.

Part 3: Iteration & studio planning

With our new insights from the validation process, we now iterate the solution and plan what to do next, whether this means moving on to the next part of the E2E solution or spending another studio cycle on iprovements to the current element.


Either one week (5 consecutive business days) or two weeks (10 consecutive business days).


  • One week: $5,500 + travel
  • Two weeks: $9,500 + travel

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