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MVP Studio

The MVP Studio turns a kickoff meeting into a workshop for building a high-functioning team with a clear mission. We'll align knowledge, define problems and solutions, generate the first round of experiements, and establish team norms and improvement methods for sustainable success.

Body-storming and journey maps

Journey mapping

First, we couple body-storming with live-sketching to get all our knowledge on to the wall so everyone has the same view of the problem area.

Value proposition

Value proposition canvas

Next, we define the problem, identify improvement opportunities, brainstorm potential solutions, and translate our knowledge into the value proposition we'll use as our guide for every idea from here on.

Impact weighting

Impact weighting

Third, with the input of engineering and others, we'll weight potential solutions according to their impact and level of effort.

Participatory roadmap

Participatory roadmap

With the solutions now weighted, we can determine what to do first, next, and what to put aside for later.

Rapid experiment canvas

Rapid experiment canvas

Here, we'll complete the best part: Crafting one or more rapid experiments we can use to start learning, breaking assumptions, and improving solutions right away as part of your new innovation practice.

Team norming

Finally, we'll establish roles, common work hours, recurring meeting cadence, retrospective schedule, and governance methods to create a team that improves itself over time to become sustainably high-functioning and capable of consistent success.


2-3 days. Some advance planning required.


  • 2 days: $2,300 + travel
  • 3 days: $3,300 + travel

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